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Bushman for PSC


Most are not aware of huge impact the Public Service Commission has on employers and families of Montana. The commission often intervenes at the federal level on energy and telecom policy to protect Montana ratepayers. And the PSC collaborates in regional energy and transmission development worth billions of dollars with rate payers being the final holders of risk.

Commissioner Brad Molnar, brought not only a consumer's view but years of construction/ business experience to the table when the commission wrestled with construction projects ranging from gas-fired plants, wind farms, hydro generation and transmission projects. Molnar is term-limited and his expertise in developing the business case for projects, contract requirements, project oversight, quality control, etc will not be available during the planning stages forcing the commission to rely on the testimony of lobbyists promoting the projects.

That is why it is crucial that Kirk Bushman be elected to replace Molnar. Kirk has a degree in engineering and has developed projects around the world, worked in a team environment to bring projects in on budget, and understands the need to keep the end consumer in mind.

If this is the only seat on the Commission to change this election Kirk will be joining an attorney, a 27-year-old whose first real job is serving on the commission, an environmentalist whose business experience was renting canoes, and an environmentalist/retired school teacher.

Do yourself a favor and elect Kirk Bushman to the Montana PSC.

Arthur Hollowell


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