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Bullock for governor

Why support Steve Bullock for governor? There are a number of reasons that make Steve Bullock a clear choice for Montana’s next governor.

Steve is raising his daughters in the same Montana community he grew up in. He knows the importance of looking out for our kids. That’s why he’s put more cops on the street and online to keep our kids safe. That’s why he’s worked as attorney general to support after school programs and help prevent prescription drug abuse. Steve will be a champion for quality public education finding ways to improve our schools through equitable funding formulas without dismantling the current system.

His opponent Rick Hill has said that he’ll take our tax dollars from public education and give them to private, for-profit schools, and supports closing schools in rural communities. In Congress, he voted to cut $137 million from Montana schools. He sat on the board of directors of a major insurance company when they cut health care coverage for hundreds of kids in Montana while approving a CEO compensation package of over $1.4 million.

We need a governor that will put the education and health of Montana’s children first. Vote for Steve Bullock and John Walsh.

Connie Keogh


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