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Vote for Fox for healthcare

Attorney general candidate Pam Bucy and her friends are attacking Tim Fox because he wants to stand up for Montanans.

Bucy must think it’s OK that Obamacare will hurt senior citizens with $718 billion in Medicare cuts. Those cuts come from gutting Medicare Advantage and cutting provider reimbursements (at a time when many doctors are already capping or even refusing Medicare patients due to low reimbursement rates).

For all her talk about “consumer protection,” Bucy doesn’t seem to mind that, for the first time in our nation’s history, the federal government is forcing people to purchase a private product.

Bucy doesn’t appear to care that the government’s newly established (and unelected) Independent Payment Advisory Board and the call for using Comparative Effectiveness Research are tools for rationing health care. If you think a government with as much debt as ours won’t need to begin rationing health care at some point, you’re not paying attention.

The attorney general has many jobs, and defending Montanans against these and other assaults is one of them. Tim Fox has my vote.

Loretta Hoines Dell


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