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Confusion over initiatives

From calls I have received, it is becoming apparent that voters are having difficulty deciphering the language on several of this year’s ballot initiatives.

1. LR 120 – voting FOR requires parents to be notified before someone can abort their pregnant under-age daughter – logical since parents must give permission for someone to give their child an aspirin.

2. LR 121 – voting FOR stops taxpayer-funded services from being given to individuals in the U.S. ILLEGALLY and requires State agencies to notify Homeland Security that the individual has entered the U.S. ILLEGALLY.

3. LR 122 – voting FOR prohibits the state or federal government from requiring a person to purchase health insurance.

4. IR 124 – voting FOR supports the last Legislature’s efforts to restrict the use of marijuana to only terminal patients or those with medically diagnosed untreatable injuries, which was the original intention of the Montana voters which approved legalization of marijuana for medical purposes. AGAINST votes for a return in Montana of very little legal control of marijuana production and use which created legal and liability issues.

5. I-166 – voting AGAINST this union-sponsored initiative supports the recent Supreme Court ruling recognizing 500 years of laws defining corporations as legal entities with the same legal rights as individuals including freedom of speech and the ability to oppose political actions which could harm them. Voting AGAINST upholds this legal definition of a corporation which is critical to protect stockholders who invest in a corporate business without risking all of their unrelated assets and personal savings. Our economic system cannot function without the protection this initiative tries to eliminate.

The supporters of this last initiative are unions and radical environmental groups who have sponsored laws to restrict the ability of business to defend themselves from political attacks and unfair regulations — which the Supreme Court has ruled is an unconstitutional restriction of that business from the Freedom of Speech (First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution) to defend themselves.

This last couple of initiatives were obviously written by liberal lawyers with the intent to confuse voters. This is a disgrace and abuse of our fair and open political system. When you mark your ballot, remember they are purposely trying to deceive you!

Ed Butcher


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