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Voting for Gillan

I am writing to express my support for Kim Gillan as Montana’s U.S. representative. Since we only have one representative in Congress, we need someone who will stick with Montana’s needs, and not succumb to special interests, especially out-of-state corporations and wealthy individuals. As a state senator, Kim did not let her constituents down, and she won’t as our next U.S. representative.

Her opponent, Steve Daines, is a political neophyte. He touts his business experience, but that is all he seems to have. There is a lot more to representing Montana to the U.S. government than running a business. Mr. Daines appears to be already under the influence of the Republican leadership in D.C., especially John Boehner, the speaker of the House. Rep. John Boehner has obstructed legislation that would have aided Montana’s businesses and workers and reduced the national debt. By electing Daines, Montanans will have sent yet another willing minion for Boehner’s pursuit of congressional gridlock. Montana’s real interests would be forgotten.

What happens in D.C. has large results in Montana. Let’s be sure those results favor our state, not political insiders. That’s why I am voting for Kim Gillan as my U.S. representative. I hope you will, too.

Ann Buss


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