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More Democrats needed

Recently House Republicans decided that the Farm Bill and the Veterans’ Jobs bill could wait until after the election. Shame on them. This is more hypocrisy about caring about jobs and veterans. Jon Tester has a proven record that he cares about both.

Karl Rove and his crossroads GPS have inundated our airwaves with negative and misleading ads against Democrats. The Gazette has endorsed Republicans without considering the facts. Our national debt was created by Republicans and so was the Wall Street financial crisis with deregulation, greed and leveraged buyouts. Now they say they are concerned about debt!

Romney made his billions by using debt for personal profit. While at Bain Capital, he bought companies, loaded them with debt, charged huge consulting fees until the companies went bankrupt. Jobs were shipped to China. He says he is a job creator — yes, jobs for the Chinese! Look up what happened to KB Toys, Hertz, Del Monte and others. Romney then hid his money overseas and he still won’t share his tax returns with us. What is he hiding?

Our state Republican candidates say they have a plan for Montana. Their plan is the agenda of ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council. After attending Boot camp, state legislators submit bills WRITTEN by ALEC.

ALEC is nor a registered lobby, yet it is funded by large corporations such as Koch Industries. These laws are our Castle Law, laws on tort reform that limit liability of drug companies, voter ID laws, right to work (for less) laws and laws to block environmental protection.

Rick Hill’s plan echoes ALEC’s agenda: privatize education, stop public employee collective bargaining and, privatize Public Employee and Teacher retirement systems. Rehberg, Steve Daines and Hill want government to “get out of the way.” Think deregulation of Montana Power. These are code words for corporate profit at the expense of the public good. Vote DEMOCRATIC!

Ann Walters


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