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Vote for Democrats

We need to vote for President Obama, Sen. Jon Tester, Kim Gillan, Steve Bullock, Bill Kennedy and the rest of the Democratic candidates who are going to support our seniors, middle class citizens and our brave men and women who fought to keep this country free.

We need Steve Bullock to work on financial problems, like Rick Hill’s $500,000 illegal campaign contribution, affordable health insurance, long term care and prescription drugs.

Hill is for sales tax and right-to-work laws, neither of which are good for Montana working people.

We need Bill Kennedy because of what he has done for veterans, seniors and the middle class citizens.

Rehberg and his rich Republican buddies all stick together and will do anything, say anything, even lie and brazenly accept illegal campaign contributions of $500,000, to get elected.

What about Rehberg’s boat accident or when he fell off a horse and broke his arm? Was he drunk or just stupid?

I would like you to consider the electable candidates and join me in voting for the Democratic slate.

Neither Rehberg nor his Republican staff were at the dedication of the new Veterans Administration Center or any meeting that involved veterans.

Have Rehberg or his staff ever been to the airport when our veterans came home or left for duty or visited the wounded vets at Walter Reed Hospital?

Have Rehberg or his Republican staff ever been to a meeting on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid?

Ron Kuneff


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