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Fire Republicans

When a body of the Legislature stands as one in unconditional opposition to everything the president would do, while clearly stating publicly that their only objective is to ruin the president, no matter the effect on the economy or U.S. citizens, I have to think there is something cockeyed in their brains.

President Obama has tried repeatedly to find a way to compromise so we can move ahead only to find that, when he gives them what they ask for, it is not what they wanted after all. They relentlessly use dimwitted obstructionism as if it were a sensible way to reach a bipartisan conclusion, then accuse the president of failing to perform. They lie about the president personally, and about his policies and objectives.

President Obama is lambasted for not creating jobs. When he tries to put people to work rebuilding those parts of our country for which government is responsible, Republicans proclaim indignantly that government cannot create jobs. They build an impenetrable wall of obstructionism.

It’s time to fire the Republicans. They and the Koch brothers, Carl Rove, or any of the wealthy obstructionists can pay for restoring crumbling infrastructure, or maybe they can do the work themselves to save money.

This method should shrink the size of government and save money. We are already paying certain Republicans to do a job they are refusing to do, so maybe they would prefer labor.

Arliss Pereau


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