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Hill best for governor

I am a concerned sportsman, landowner, and outdoor enthusiast who will be supporting Rick Hill for governor. I think his plan to “comprehensively change the agenda of Montana’s Fish, Wildlife, and Parks” is long overdue and exactly what we need.

This goal will be achieved by appointing an FWP director and commissioners who will manage wildlife populations based on quality science. They will also work to rebuild relationships between landowners, sportsmen, and the department.

Outdoor recreation opportunities will improve when relationships built on trust are restored. Mr. Hill’s administration will develop a management plan that will deal with Montana’s large predators which will help restore our big game populations.

Priority budgeting has also been part of the Rick Hill campaign, and he intends to implement this policy throughout Montana government as well as FWP to make certain our taxpayer and sportsman dollars are spent more wisely. Rick Hill will work to improve outdoor recreations opportunities throughout Montana, and I believe he is the best choice for governor.

Troy Boucher


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