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Sometimes the Billings Outpost has some good articles. Although there have been several articles written comparing the decline of the USA to the decline of the Roman Empire, Shari Pyke wrote a timely piece [Sept 16].

Also T.J. Gilles’ story about the newspapers’ demise [Nov. 7] caught me off guard — “The People’s Voice” — I didn’t think anyone had ever heard of that particular paper. My father read that paper faithfully along with The U.S. Farm News from Iowa.

Of course, the only reason I pick up the Outpost is because of [Roger] Clawson, maybe [David] Crisp or [Wilbur] Wood. We do not get TV reception and out dial-up internet only works sporadically. As for the events in town, I never cared much for the long drive there and the cost of gasoline.

The other reason I like the paper is sometimes I see my name in print in the Letters to the Editor section. Thank you.

Lauris Byxbe

Pompeys Pillar

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