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Biased news coverage

Local television news presents biased and unbalanced reporting regarding the export of coal from eastern Montana and Wyoming. Coal is to be transported by train to the west coast to proposed re-developed ports in the Pacific Northwest, wherefrom it will be shipped on to Asian ports.

The Billings Chamber of Commerce freely presents its own view of this process, wildly exaggerating the number of jobs and the monetary boost they anticipate to the local economy. The number of anticipated coal trains blocking traffic and spreading coal dust in Billings and other Montana cities is understated, and there is little or no mention at all of the environmental impacts to our planet involved in mining, transporting, exporting and burning the huge amount of coal.

Yellowstone Valley Citizens Council, a part of Northern Plains, could have been interviewed for balance of television news, and they would have presented a less narrow and provincial view. YVCC has put a great deal of work into this issue.

While one might expect this kind of bias from county commissioners; such brazen bias is disappointing from so-called television “news.” Sounds just like Slab Marble. And perhaps Lee Enterprises.

Joan Hurdle


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