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Israeli election a bullet

America may have a second bullet coming at us with the upcoming Israeli elections. We missed the first bullet when Barack Obama won re-election. We saw Republican primary candidates vying for the financial favors of Zionist sympathizer Sheldon Adelson, and Prime Minister Netanyahu at the United Nations drawing red lines not to cross.

He says Iran’s nuclear program is an existential threat to Israel. Since Israel started the Middle East nuclear arms race, can one really blame Iran for wanting nuclear weapons?

By far the greatest existential threat to Israel is not Iran, but Israel itself – especially its right wing government and Zionist goal of a Greater Israel. Israel’s policy of stealing Palestinian land to make room for illegal settlements, has long antagonized Palestinians and the entire Muslim world.

The General Assembly vote to recognize a Palestinian state was long delayed, but insufficient, justice to the Palestinian people. The rotten political relationship between Israel and the U.S. needs reexamination. President Obama has rightfully pushed back against Netanyahu’s call to attack Iran.

Most Americans don’t pay much attention to Israeli elections, but they would do well to pay attention to the one on Jan. 22, 2013, for if Netanyahu is re-elected, Israel will attack Iranian nuclear facilities, or do a big climb down. Israeli sympathizers in Congress, Republicans and Democrats, will goad the Obama administration to make it a joint operation. That could be a tragedy, for the war with Iraq was a cakewalk compared to a land war with Iran with all its repercussions.

Auzie Blevins


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