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Angry about cable

I am an outraged cable customer for several reasons: The price has gone up three times, Bresnan/Optimum personnel have not solved my problems with cable boxes and Optimum blacked out the signal the night the show, “Big Sky, Big Money,” was presented on PBS.

That Optimum blacked out its signal reveals that the company may be accepting some of that dark money that so many Montanans despise for promoting corruption in the 2012 election. I will be pleased to see what comes out of those Frontline and PBS investigative shows, and I pray Optimum chooses to keep the signal (that I have overpaid for) up and going for the whole show, as soon as it comes on.

I understand what Robert McDermott is saying about Optimum cable prices: The price has gone up three times! Optimum says one thing and does another, just like when they blacked out their signal on “Big Sky, Big Money.”

Last January, my cable channels kept freezing up, so we visited Optimum down on Monad in their big fancy building. They said they would give us a “new box,” but refused to hook it up for us! So the cable guy came out, because I begged him, but said nothing was wrong, despite the continuing freezing up of my channels for which I overpay Optimum.

Optimum told me I could pay $89 and now the company has raised its price to $131! They also want to charge us extra for each TV we have (two downstairs). So, I calculate the price to be over $300.

When is this nonsense on unreasonable prices, blacking out the signal for “Big Sky, Big Money,” and useless cable personnel who cannot fix my channels going to stop? Where can I write a letter recommending their media and/or business licenses be revoked for deceptive practices, unreasonable prices and useless cable employees?

Susan Tate


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