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Dangers of gun control

The spirit of George III lives on in America! Given the history of the Colonies, it can be said that the major cause, or at least one of the really major causes of the Revolution was Britton’s attempt at gun control and confiscation.

In the early days of “settling” this country, firearms were a critical part of life. Women and children as well as all men learned how to use these.

Even toddlers were given toy guns and taught how to safely use them. Their rifles provided food, protection and ultimately protection against the tyrants of His Majesty.

The rulers of the time in Britain realized that they had around 3 million armed people in the colonies and they were nervous about the way they were treating the people on this continent. They knew the colonists represented an army far larger than theirs.

After the Boston Tea Party the British Army began a program of favors to those how willingly surrendered their arms. Later they refused to honor their promises. When they realized that program did not work they started the search and seizure method. History shows that when a government has to resort to using its military to enforce its laws nothing good can come from it.

All of these actions cause the colonists to organize and to train and to begin to manufacture fire arms domestically because the King ordered all imports to the colonies suspended. It was all about the inability of a tyrannical government to enforce its will against an armed people.

I am sure one can see the similarities in the handling of the colonists to the efforts now to disarm the law abiding men and women of this nation.

There is an open letter from some Special forces indicating the dangers of gun control and its lack of ability to control crime. This letter may be seen at:

A really good exposition on this matter from the Charleston Law Review can be found at If we do not learn from history, it will repeat itself!

Keith Babcock


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