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Time to buy local

In the movie, “Medicine Man,” Sean Connery found the cure for cancer in the Amazon Rain Forest. Sometimes fiction is not that far from fact. There is a plant in the Amazon area that does indeed kill cancer cells.

Unfortunately, the drug company which did all the research can’t come up with a synthetic pill. Some plants can’t be cultivated or domesticated! How can the pill pushers make a profit from weeds and herbs?

We now import more food than we raise, the question is from where? Take a product produced in a country known for its toxic food products, sell it to the food brokers who sell it to a food processor, who then sells it to the wholesaler who sells it to the retailer you buy it from. How many countries, factories and food handlers has that product been through? How does one trace where the contamination originated?

The propaganda goes: Sugar is the reason we gain so much weight. So we consume diet products with artificial sweeteners instead of sugar. What we are not told is those artificial sweeteners make us crave more food and break down in our systems into their original toxic chemicals.

The side effects of sugar include muscle spasms, dizziness, headaches, tinnitus, unexplained depression, anxiety, blurred vision and many more.

Some of the medical diagnoses include multiple sclerosis, seizures, depression, ADD and ADHD. It is especially dangerous with diabetics because of the glucose balance they need. The reason the artificial sweeteners are not banned: look at the profit and label of what you buy! Aspartame, Nutra Sweet, Equal or Spoonful. What product does not contain sugar?

If ever there was a time to buy local, fresh, raw, natural food product, it would be now. Might be a time to start home cooking instead of prepared prepackaged, over processed food. Above all READ THE LABEL, what poison are you ingesting today?

The things one can read in magazines and on FaceBook. The poisoning of America by our own people. We are told we are an obese people by our media, but not why.

Lauris Byxbe

Pompeys Pillar

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