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Walking safely in county

It isn’t safe to walk Yellowstone County roads in peace anymore. On the morning of July 3, I was attacked by a pit bull while strolling close to home on Danford Road while the dog’s owner simply watched.

The dog lurched for my face and neck, and continued to attack me into the middle of the westbound lane with the owner still watching. I sustained injuries to my arm that have required emergency as well as orthopedic surgeon attention. In the emergency room my doctor stated that last week she had stitched up a 6-year-old’s face from another pit bull attack.

We have a serious problem with the animal control laws in Yellowstone County. I find my rights are severely limited. The law limits Animal Control’s ability to impound a vicious dog in the county unless it has rabies or kills someone. I am also presently not allowed access to the dog’s owner’s name or to have any input to the judge at the owner’s court appearance for the citation.

As I share my story with friends, they reply with similar stories of personal encounters with dangerous pit bulls. Who has the right to walk freely down Yellowstone County roads? It seems as if the pit bulls do. By allowing this type of irresponsible pet ownership, we are setting ourselves up for serious trouble ahead.

Shelley Gerard Bailey



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