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Back trapping ban

In response to the trapping of yet another companion animal in Montana, this time an old pet, this is what a trapper in Montana posted on Trap Free Montana Public Land’s Facebook page:

“im an avid trapper and all I can say is suck it up, why would u be so

irresponsible to take your dog with you during an open season ... the only thing immoral here is your stupidity!!~!!”.

A photo of the many trapped pets and the tragic reminder of the trapping death of beloved Cupcake in Missoula resulted in another Montana trapper posting, “Wonder what the fur price on Cupcake was.”

Less than 1 percent of Montanans are licensed trappers holding our public lands, only a third of Montana, hostage for the other 99 percent’s safe, enjoyable recreational use ...  and they blame us, often callously.

Note trapping is legal year round in Montana. There is no “open season.” Love your pet? Trappers answer is don’t let them accompany you while you recreate on our public lands. Leave those bird dogs, hound dogs, family pets, search and rescue dogs home. Best you leave your kids home then, too, and watch your step. Traps don’t discriminate.

Support I-169 Trap Free Montana Public Lands for people, pets, wildlife, for Montana. Visit to sign up to gather signatures and other ways to help get this on the ballot for all Montanans to decide.

K.C. York


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