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Protect public lands

I recently read about Matt Rosendale’s plan to transfer federal lands to state control. This is a hugely problematic proposal. As a member of the Public Land/Water Access Association, I get concerned when people start fiddling around with public lands.

But there are other concerns here besides the prospect of losing public lands and that is the huge expense of maintaining federal land such road maintenance, fighting wildfires, and many other expenses that are now funded by the federal government. I expect there would be a tax hike here in Montana to care take these roughly 27 million acres. Many Montanans, including some of Rosendale’s challengers, have spoken out against Rosendale’s plan. We have to be very smart and cautious about any proposal that may end up with Montanans losing any of our public lands.  I hope voters will recognize a bad idea when they see one.

Colleen Jensen


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