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No response from Daines

I wrote several letters to [U.S. Rep. Steve] Daines. In the last one I asked for answers to these questions and as of this date I have not received an answer:

How can he claim to be a fifth-generation Montanan when he was born in California?

How can he claim to have passed legislation that increased timber production and created 6,000 jobs when that legislation was not approved in the Senate and has not created 6,000 new jobs?

Daines had called for the resignation of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki while Republican Sens. [John] McCain, [Jeff] Flake and Republican Speaker of the House [John] Boehner had not called for the secretary’s resignation. Late last year he voted against funding for veterans programs.

At the national ceremony for the Veterans Cemetery in Laurel, I gave Daines a copy of the letter I sent him on May 12, and I got no response at all.

A couple of other things to remember. He stated that he voted against Obamacare, and also he claims Sen. [John] Walsh voted for Obama’s stimulus package when neither was in office at that time.

Ron Kuneff


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