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Vote for Ronquillo

It’s time to support bike trails and running paths! Part of being a great city includes having a great trail system. For the last 10 years, I have been following both city and county support for multi-use trails in our community. Commissioner John Ostlund has time and again been opposed to providing funding for trails. Instead of trying to find ways to finance an amenity we can all benefit from, He just plain votes “No.” He certainly has not represented me.

My ballot is cast for Jim Ronquillo for county commissioner. He is always willing to listen to concerns from constituents. I have seen him roll up his sleeves and happily pitch in for more community events than I have room to list here.

Jim Ronquillo has been open to funding safe routes to schools, bike paths and the future planning of trails in Yellowstone County! This election is a vote for future trails and for the safety our children.

Vote for a change on the county commission. Vote for Jim Ronquillo.

Merry Ann Peters



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GOP wants to be exclusive

If the Montana Republican Party wins their federal lawsuit, they will be free to associate and exclude the rest of us. Consider just what that will mean for Montana voters.

First, Montanans will lose a primary election that presently assures a secret ballot for every voter.

Second, we will lose the open primary that Montanans enacted by initiative in 1912. This initiative was designed to end the stranglehold that the Copper Kings held over Montana elections. Because of their foresight, we’ve enjoyed over 100 years of free and fair elections.

Third, we will lose our right to privacy. The political party that each of us chose to support is no one’s business but our own.

Every voter should think about this. The Republicans want to trash our cherished civil rights just so the GOP can control their membership.

Carole Mackin


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A vote for Koch brothers

Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what your country and Steve Daines can do for the Koch brothers.

Traute Schmidt


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Zinke or grandmother?

Mr. Zinke, why haven’t you said what you are going to do if you are elected? All you talk about is what your grandmother has done. Are you or your grandmother running for Congress?

I am not interested in what your grandmother has done. I am interested in what you are going to do if you are lucky enough to get elected.

Are voters going to vote for a candidate who tells them what their grandmother did or a candidate who tells them what you are going to do?

I hope they vote for the candidate who tells them what they are going to do and not what their grandmother has done. I hope voters are smarter than that.

Zinke, you are for the real rich and want a two-party system, the real rich and the real poor. You want to cut all the things the poor need to live.

We need a candidate who is for all the people and not just for the rich.

Roland Kuneff


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Lewis better on public lands

As a Montana hunter, it’s good to hear political leaders talk about improving access to public land as Mr. [Ryan] Zinke did at a recent press conference I attended. But, when it comes down to it, actions are more important than campaign rhetoric. As a state legislator, Mr. Zinke supported cuts to important programs that would improve access to the public’s land. It’s a plain fact.

Mr. Zinke made a very disturbing comment at his press conference. He said it is not “important who owns the land”; it is about how the land is managed. Don’t tell the Montana citizen who hunts and fishes that “who owns the land is not important.” Don’t tell farmers and ranchers “who owns the land is not important.” Don’t tell the Montana travel tourism industry “who owns the land is not important.”

Zinke suggests we cross our fingers and hope that some benevolent out of state landowners will be kind enough to let the public hunt and fish on their property. He is wrong. Who owns the land matters. And in Montana, we all have a stake in the millions of acres of public lands we call OUR land.

I give Mr. Zinke much credit for his military service but we should not send him to Congress when he has consistently declared war on sportsmen and women in this state. A vote for John Lewis is a vote for our Montana outdoor way of life.

Mike Penfold


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Race isn’t over

Elect somebody who knows how to count.

That’s what columnist Gail Collins said would be “an awesome campaign ad” for Amanda Curtis, noting that she is a math teacher running for the U.S. Senate in Montana. Indeed, Curtis knows a thing or two about tallying costs.

In particular, Curtis recognizes the terrible cost in under-funding our public schools and knows first-hand the burden of debt to gain a college education. Already, she has laid out a plan to reduce interest rates on federal student loans. Lessened interest rates would ease the burden for college graduates out job hunting and would reduce the staggering profit that our government makes on its loans.

We can count on Amanda Curtis to work faithfully to protect our public lands, to support and strengthen Social Security and Medicare, and to make affordable healthcare available to all. Her record as a state legislator demonstrates that Curtis knows how to get things done. 

This smart, articulate, straight-talking woman also will be a needed breath of fresh air in the stodgy U.S. Senate. 

To those pundits who think otherwise, I say that this Senate race is far from over. Most people are just now deciding how to cast their votes.  Amanda has the momentum now and can win this election. I hope readers will do the math and vote for Amanda Curtis. 

Dolores Colburg


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