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Fair or honest?

It seems absolutely shameful that $6 billion was spent on the recent election when we have 60 million American children living in poverty.

To make matters even worse, we are exactly where we were before spending the $6 billion: facing the fiscal cliff with a divided Congress, each party still insisting, even after a very decisive presidential election, that their vision for American is the right one and ought to be enacted!

We might as well have not even had an election since concession seems to mean nothing at all. Is that fair or honest?

Joan Hurdle


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Honor World War II veterans

It seems fitting that Veterans Day falls on the weekend following Election Day. After a hotly contested election season filled with passion, it is appropriate that we collectively remember those who fought to protect our right to vote and exercise freedom of expression.

As we gather with friends and family to honor America’s veterans of all branches and all eras, it is a good time to reflect on a special group of veterans who are fading into history: Montana’s World War II veterans. Called “The Greatest Generation” by many, this group of men and women stood tall in the face of worldwide tyranny and oppression. In all, 16 million Americans served in World War II and, per capita, Montanans did more than any other state to serve the country.

As a statewide effort, Big Sky Honor Flight is working to recognize those veterans for their sacrifices and achievements by flying them to Washington, D.C. — at no cost to them — to see the World War II memorial. About 190 veterans have already made two tours for through Big Sky Honor Flight this year and another 300 veterans have applied to be a part of future trips.

Unfortunately, we are in a race against time. As the days go by, many of our aging World War II veterans pass away without getting the chance to be a part of this honor. That’s why a statewide effort is now under way to step up for them.

It costs $152,000 for one flight of veterans to Washington and we continue to raise the necessary funding for the next two, three or four flights. Schoolchildren, business leaders and civic groups have stepped up to help get these flights off the ground, but more help is needed. Any contribution, no matter how small, can help. Simply go to, and click on the donation button.

It’s time for our World War II veterans to take one last mission. With your help, we can get them there.

Dan Carter

Big Sky Honor Flight


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A corporate perspective

I didn’t know the Earned Income Credit was a Republican initiative. It seems incongruous with the anti-entitlement rhetoric we hear so much about these days, but it makes perfect sense from the corporate point of view. A lot of entitlements make perfect sense from the corporate point of view.

If they can put a person on the ground at minimum wage with less than full-time hours, they have more capital to invest. The working poor who seem to feel entitled to food, shelter and a doctor if they need one, can look elsewhere for subsistence. They can look to the Welfare State to make up the shortfall. So far, it has worked pretty well.

There seems to be no end to the social services that support the employees of Corporate America at both the state and federal levels. There are housing subsidies, food stamps, Medicaid and daycare grants – if you’re lucky. These “entitlements” that drain our public coffers enable the “real money people” to talk billion dollar deals. It’s wonderful!

But to be fair, the working poor are guaranteed at least a minimum subsistence allowance. Corporate America generously supports an Earned Income Credit—paid for by you and me.Their money is used to invest in our future.

Julie Kraenzel


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If you care, volunteer

There sure is a lot of gray hair. I just attended a recent habitat dedication with my family and the first thing my boys stated when we got into the car was, “Wow, everyone is so old!” Of course to them, 30 is old, but the boys are right. Besides my wife and I, only one other couple was there that was under the age of 50.

I work with many conservation and hunting organizations throughout Montana and unfortunately, I see a lot of gray hair and very few people under 40.

Recently, as reported in The Billings Gazette, a survey was conducted and the findings showed a 9 percent increase in hunting and 11 percent increase in fishing, and 36 percent of Americans participate in outdoor recreational activities. Yet, very few volunteer to ensure that their outdoor passion and our hunting legacy will be there in the future. In fact only 2.3 percent of our population volunteers for conservation organizations and 3.8 percent for shooting sports, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The No. 1 reason I hear when a person is asked to volunteer is “I am too busy.” If you are passionate about the outdoors, hunting and/or the shooting sports, you should NEVER be too busy. If you think that someone else will do it, you are terribly mistaken as the culture of our country shifted from a “Best for Us” culture to a “Best for Me” culture and a lack of responsibility.

So, if you are concerned, complain about the current outdoors situations, then take time to do something about it and introduce others including our youth.

Introducing youth and young adults to giving back and volunteering, will improve self esteem and a sense of responsibility. Self esteem will come from being a part of something important, accomplishment and the importance of teamwork.

If you enjoy the outdoors it is time to give back by volunteering with an organization whose mission is to ensure conservation, shooting sports, outdoors and our hunting legacy. What a great way to bond with your family and create family memories that benefit what we are passionate about for future generations. But, if you are going to leave it to the gray hairs because you are too busy, the future of conservation, hunting and other outdoor activities will die with them.

Marshall Johnson

Mule Deer Foundation


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Rehberg unqualified

I believe Dennis Rehberg is not only unqualified in his current position as a U.S. representative, but would be a disaster in the position of a United States senator.

He has been out of touch with the people of this state for many years, and needs to be retired.

There is one word which describes Dennis Rehberg, the “Little Dictator” and that word is: Kakistocracy.

It is more necessary than ever that our nation employ sound judgment, willingness to work across the aisle and common sense, which is currently sadly lacking.

I strongly support a vote for Jon Tester, and put an end to this stupidity.

Mike Barovich


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Republican record abysmal

“Over the past 30 years the Republican Party has adopted extremely conservative positions that threaten our country, society and future. Following is a listing of Republican positions voters should ponder before casting their vote Nov. 6. Voting for any Republican is an endorsement of these positions.

• It takes extreme positions and misleads Americans about the importance and role of taxes in government.

• It provided refuge and support for several million racists following enactment of the Civil Rights Act and Voting Rights Act in 1964 and 1965.

• It spreads falsehoods and misinformation about deadly serious carbon pollution and climate change that endangers our economy, environment and planet.

• It consistently favors commercial development over protecting the environment.

• It disparages science as a basis for sound decision making.

• It equates money with free speech, supports the Citizens United decision, and resists all efforts to control campaign contributions.

• It opposes collective bargaining, the minimum wage, and other efforts to improve the lives of workers.

• It encourages citizens to fear and distrust their elected government, especially the federal government.

• It persists in trying to privatize and otherwise dispose of our public lands.

• It opposes trails and other alternative modes of transportation.

• It consistently opposes any regulation of business regardless of consequences.

• It consistently opposes social programs benefitting the poor, old and disadvantaged.

• It is oblivious to the 50 million Americans who lack health insurance.

• It is a party of business and the wealthy; others in its ranks are there only to provide votes.”

Auzie Blevins


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