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Jobs ... maybe

Regarding Sen. Jon Tester’s Forest Jobs and Recreation Act, I attended the Yellowstone Conversation Round Table meeting in Billings where Sen. Tester’s point person on this proposed legislation presented information on its origin and content. At the conclusion of a very well presented program, I had the opportunity to ask if this bill would guarantee that even one tree would be harvested. The answer was “no.”

Although the bill is said to be structured to service lawsuits, it will still have to work its way through legal challenges. The result: wilderness today; jobs maybe ... someday, if the proposed harvest area has not burned by then as the Custer Forest Ashland District proposed thinning project has done. Although the stakeholders won’t go to court, there are plenty of activist groups that will.

Thomas C. Staycheff


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Fire Republicans

When a body of the Legislature stands as one in unconditional opposition to everything the president would do, while clearly stating publicly that their only objective is to ruin the president, no matter the effect on the economy or U.S. citizens, I have to think there is something cockeyed in their brains.

President Obama has tried repeatedly to find a way to compromise so we can move ahead only to find that, when he gives them what they ask for, it is not what they wanted after all. They relentlessly use dimwitted obstructionism as if it were a sensible way to reach a bipartisan conclusion, then accuse the president of failing to perform. They lie about the president personally, and about his policies and objectives.

President Obama is lambasted for not creating jobs. When he tries to put people to work rebuilding those parts of our country for which government is responsible, Republicans proclaim indignantly that government cannot create jobs. They build an impenetrable wall of obstructionism.

It’s time to fire the Republicans. They and the Koch brothers, Carl Rove, or any of the wealthy obstructionists can pay for restoring crumbling infrastructure, or maybe they can do the work themselves to save money.

This method should shrink the size of government and save money. We are already paying certain Republicans to do a job they are refusing to do, so maybe they would prefer labor.

Arliss Pereau


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Compromise needed

I’ve listened to the debates and seen the ads. It is clear that Republicans want to tank all environmental regulations, all safety regulations, and all regulations to protect citizens from disastrous actions by corporations. Republican candidates say all of this is necessary to promote jobs. “Get the government out of the way.”

The vision of these Republican candidates is not a vision of America that I want.

I don’t want an America where the air is so polluted more people die of respiratory disease and all of us suffer.

I don’t want an America where the water is so polluted that our lakes and streams are barren and deadly.

I don’t want an America where safety rules are so lax that unavoidable injuries to workers and citizens multiply exponentially.

I don’t want an America where most people don’t have health insurance and if you are unlucky enough to get sick or injured, you either file bankruptcy or go without.

I don’t want an America where corporations are so powerful that people are discarded and taken advantage of all the time.

Sure, every business could make more money if they did not have any pesky environmental or safety regulations to worry about. But that is not right. We can have a balance.

A large part of the history of growth in this great country has more often been accomplished through persistent, acceptable compromise. Most often it keeps us living, working, playing together and going forward.

Jack Johnson


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Backing Tooley

I was a member of the Billings City Council when Chuck Tooley was mayor. He approached the issues before us with foresight and integrity and reached out to all citizens regardless of political affiliation or social/economic status.

Chuck has many years of business experience in Montana and has demonstrated an ability to grasp complex subjects, make them understandable to others, discuss issues in a respectful way, and make decisions based on facts, not on pre-conceived notions. That is exactly the kind of attitude we need on the Montana Public Service Commission today.

Chuck has a passion to help Montanans through his public service. His stated purpose in running for the Public Service Commission is to make sure that Montana utility customers get fair pricing and reliable service. It was an honor for me to serve with and learn from such a remarkable leader. Chuck Tooley will be an outstanding Public Service commissioner and I support him enthusiastically.

Jan Iverson


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Vote for Democrats

We need to vote for President Obama, Sen. Jon Tester, Kim Gillan, Steve Bullock, Bill Kennedy and the rest of the Democratic candidates who are going to support our seniors, middle class citizens and our brave men and women who fought to keep this country free.

We need Steve Bullock to work on financial problems, like Rick Hill’s $500,000 illegal campaign contribution, affordable health insurance, long term care and prescription drugs.

Hill is for sales tax and right-to-work laws, neither of which are good for Montana working people.

We need Bill Kennedy because of what he has done for veterans, seniors and the middle class citizens.

Rehberg and his rich Republican buddies all stick together and will do anything, say anything, even lie and brazenly accept illegal campaign contributions of $500,000, to get elected.

What about Rehberg’s boat accident or when he fell off a horse and broke his arm? Was he drunk or just stupid?

I would like you to consider the electable candidates and join me in voting for the Democratic slate.

Neither Rehberg nor his Republican staff were at the dedication of the new Veterans Administration Center or any meeting that involved veterans.

Have Rehberg or his staff ever been to the airport when our veterans came home or left for duty or visited the wounded vets at Walter Reed Hospital?

Have Rehberg or his Republican staff ever been to a meeting on Social Security, Medicare or Medicaid?

Ron Kuneff


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More Democrats needed

Recently House Republicans decided that the Farm Bill and the Veterans’ Jobs bill could wait until after the election. Shame on them. This is more hypocrisy about caring about jobs and veterans. Jon Tester has a proven record that he cares about both.

Karl Rove and his crossroads GPS have inundated our airwaves with negative and misleading ads against Democrats. The Gazette has endorsed Republicans without considering the facts. Our national debt was created by Republicans and so was the Wall Street financial crisis with deregulation, greed and leveraged buyouts. Now they say they are concerned about debt!

Romney made his billions by using debt for personal profit. While at Bain Capital, he bought companies, loaded them with debt, charged huge consulting fees until the companies went bankrupt. Jobs were shipped to China. He says he is a job creator — yes, jobs for the Chinese! Look up what happened to KB Toys, Hertz, Del Monte and others. Romney then hid his money overseas and he still won’t share his tax returns with us. What is he hiding?

Our state Republican candidates say they have a plan for Montana. Their plan is the agenda of ALEC — the American Legislative Exchange Council. After attending Boot camp, state legislators submit bills WRITTEN by ALEC.

ALEC is nor a registered lobby, yet it is funded by large corporations such as Koch Industries. These laws are our Castle Law, laws on tort reform that limit liability of drug companies, voter ID laws, right to work (for less) laws and laws to block environmental protection.

Rick Hill’s plan echoes ALEC’s agenda: privatize education, stop public employee collective bargaining and, privatize Public Employee and Teacher retirement systems. Rehberg, Steve Daines and Hill want government to “get out of the way.” Think deregulation of Montana Power. These are code words for corporate profit at the expense of the public good. Vote DEMOCRATIC!

Ann Walters


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