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Dangers of gun control

The spirit of George III lives on in America! Given the history of the Colonies, it can be said that the major cause, or at least one of the really major causes of the Revolution was Britton’s attempt at gun control and confiscation.

In the early days of “settling” this country, firearms were a critical part of life. Women and children as well as all men learned how to use these.

Even toddlers were given toy guns and taught how to safely use them. Their rifles provided food, protection and ultimately protection against the tyrants of His Majesty.

The rulers of the time in Britain realized that they had around 3 million armed people in the colonies and they were nervous about the way they were treating the people on this continent. They knew the colonists represented an army far larger than theirs.

After the Boston Tea Party the British Army began a program of favors to those how willingly surrendered their arms. Later they refused to honor their promises. When they realized that program did not work they started the search and seizure method. History shows that when a government has to resort to using its military to enforce its laws nothing good can come from it.

All of these actions cause the colonists to organize and to train and to begin to manufacture fire arms domestically because the King ordered all imports to the colonies suspended. It was all about the inability of a tyrannical government to enforce its will against an armed people.

I am sure one can see the similarities in the handling of the colonists to the efforts now to disarm the law abiding men and women of this nation.

There is an open letter from some Special forces indicating the dangers of gun control and its lack of ability to control crime. This letter may be seen at:

A really good exposition on this matter from the Charleston Law Review can be found at If we do not learn from history, it will repeat itself!

Keith Babcock


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Dennis Rehberg would not know the truth if it hit him in the face.

Rehberg lied about being a friend of veterans and seniors. He never did anything for vets or seniors. Plus, he said the voters “whine and moan” about all the things that are going wrong in Washington.

Rehberg needs to look at the people who voted for Sen. Tester instead of him. Among them were Democrats, veterans, seniors and even a host of Republicans who would not ever deign to cast a vote for Rehberg.

Rehberg blames Sen.’s Tester and Baucus, the Democrats, unions and various of their allies for his loss. The 2012 election was a good example of what happened in 2006. We had two cry babies, one was Burns and the other, Rehberg - both of whom were sore losers.

And what about that boat wreck? Was he really drunk or just awfully stupid to crash a large boat into the jutting rocks of Flathead Lake?

What about that lawsuit accusing the City of Billings when all the city did was try to put out a fire at his home? And what about that time overseas when he fell off a horse and broke his arm? Was he schnockered then too?

He is truly an embarrassment to all Montanans. About all we Montanans can do is take up a collection and buy him a big crying towel so he can dry his overflowing bitter tears.

Ron Kuneff


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Thanks for article

Thank you Kim Barker and ProPublica for shining a bright light on the political sewage that surrounded the 2012 election cycle. And thank you Billings Outpost for printing it here in Montana [Jan. 3]. Politics and money bring out the worst in people. It has always been so, and it always will be.

Although the Supreme Court decision in Citizens United only made things worse, nearly two centuries of legislation in the U.S. has not changed human nature. The only way to blunt the corrosive effects of crony capitalism is to keep shining a light on it, as you have done and need continually to do.

Roger Williams


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Origin of gun rights

I would like to compliment Lauris Byxbe on the most excellent letter regarding gray matter on gun control (Outpost, Jan. 24).

It is horrible having these mass shootings! And something needs to be done to make sure those risky people do not have access to firearms. It is impossible to keep all weapons out of their hands.

After each tragedy there is an outcry for more gun control. Some of the states which have the strictest gun control laws also have the highest death by gun rates. Something is wrong.

I believe we need to focus on the real issues concerning gun control. To do so we have to get some history behind the men who wrote the Bill of Rights. In feudal England only the knight class and those higher up were allowed by law to possess weapons. They fought the wars and the common man was not involved. Military service was a matter of land ownership and position. This arrangement gave the peasant no means of self protection and no political power.

Then came gunpowder, which foretold an end to feudalism, and things began to change. No longer were weapons of self-defense limited to the upper classes. The “commoners” began to be conscripted into the military because they had the means to fight, accompanied by their legitimate demands for political involvement. Eventually the common man demanded the right to vote and got it because he now had the power and the upper class could not enforce its will upon the common man because he could resist effectively. Revolutions and constitutional monarchies began to emerge.

Now there was migration to the new world composed of these men who had been involved in the new order and realized that political power belonged in the hands of the people. When the King of England became too much for them, they rose in armed revolution and they had the firepower to resist.

The founding fathers understood completely this principle of tyrannical governments being brought down by the power of the people. These very wise men wrote the Constitution and included the Bill of Rights to ensure that the people had the power to keep their vote.

They included the Second Amendment to insure a militia composed of “common” men to keep enemies of the state and the government in check. Some “forget” that this amendment says “the rights of the people shall not be infringed.” Some believe that this militia was the National Guard, but there was no Guard then.

So, we have the same issue now confronting the people. Gun control is basically about political power and the right to vote and have input into the political process. We have the elite, who keep their guns and have heavily armed bodyguards who want to strip the law-abiding citizen of his right to defend his life, his family and his property.

The downside of this also is that there will be groups who have weapons that the government can never get: gangs, other criminal elements, military, law enforcement, foreign gun smugglers, so there will always be those with guns and a law-abiding populace helpless against the negative forces.

If interested in these concepts, a very good place to begin would be the writings of Professor Carroll Quigley in his book “Western Civilization to 1914.” One might also begin by researching the relationship between political process and gun ownership in Switzerland.

Keith Babcock


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Allure of socialism

President Barack Obama, a former college professor, believes that wealth redistribution will lead to fairness and happiness. Taken to a logical conclusion, absolutely equal outcomes will lead to absolute fairness and happiness.

The college campus is a perfect place to experiment. Take the current salaries, total them up and divide equally by the total number of workers. The administrators and the professors will probably take a pay cut of between 25 percent to 50 percent.

Some professors may have borrowed as much as $100,000 for their educations, which they’re still paying off. They studied and worked hard and now have great salaries. They bought expensive houses with expensive mortgages in gated communities. They have expensive cars with expensive payments. And they take nice vacations to exotic places every year.

The cleaning crew will be happy. But the arrogance of great knowledge will result in bruised egos for the professors. When they see a worker pick up litter, and they realize they’re being paid exactly the same amount as the worker, they won’t be happy.

What will be the incentive to be educated?

Our lives are colorful and vibrant. The zealots behind the Socialist movement have an obnoxious desire for all of us to be indistinguishable and bland.

So, come on socialist-leaning college professors — put your money, and your lifestyles, on the line. Let’s see the fairness and the happiness then.

Jack Mackenzie


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Gray matter needed on guns

The gun control issue has now taken top attention with the reckless shootings [at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., and another school across the country in Marin County, Calif. I am a firm believer in my Second Amendment right to bear arms. I want to be able to protect myself FROM my own government.

My own government acts as an invader and a murderer, steeped in and seeking out ever more violence in far-flung countries with cultural practices we believe are perverted. Violence has to do with the emotional, spiritual and physical state of mind, most of which has to do with examples set by the people around them. Big Business and the U.S. Government are prime perpetrators of setting an example to promote violence, regardless of their self-proclaimed cause of “American Values.”

When a government goes into another country and starts killing the citizens they find there because their governments or cultures clash, what is to stop me from doing the same because I don’t like my neighbors’ attitude or culture?

We need education and example, not more useless laws and regulations that no one follows or can follow. Here is how NOT to set an example: Recently, we had a neighbor who got into an argument with his mother and wife about whether the safety mechanism was on or off on a revolver. He held the gun to his head and said, “If the safety is off, would I do this?” And he pulled the trigger and died right there. The first tool of gun control is that gray matter between the ears of the person with the gun.

From the time of Cain and Abel, sibling rivalry and family feuds have been the norm. I don’t think Cain had a gun when he killed Abel. A person bent on killing will use any method available, be it a gun, sword, sling shot, knife, toxic chemical or gas or bare hands.

Where are the examples of peacefulness and coexistence we need to see?

Lauris Byxbe

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