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Snowden, Schweitzer, Obama all have goals

Whistle blower Edward Snowden wants to pull down the National Security Administration. Ex-Gov. Brian Schweitzer wants to be a U.S. senator and President Barack Obama wants to be a real commander-in-chief.

Snowden attacked the U.S. spy agency from within, then fled to Hong Kong. Schweitzer spilled his congressional ambitions to Democrats both in Washington and Montana. Obama inherited two wars when he won the office. He ended the one in Iraq as promised, but not as soon as promised.

Remember his race against Hillary Clinton? The war in Iraq had gone sour. In fact, it had started to smell. Five thousand Americans would die in Bush’s war. It seems G.W. was ashamed of his father, Herbert Walker Bush, who invaded Iraq, then pulled out without killing or capturing the executioner cum dictator Saddam Hussein.

The American people were not crying for a new war, but Vice President Dick Cheney was. Remember the WMD con? Iraq was supposedly building nuclear weapons (Bush and Cheney called them “weapons of mass destruction”). Bush’s people said Hussein was importing yellow cake - a form of uranium - from Africa. The next signal, hawks said, would be a mushroom cloud.

Unlike Vietnam, opposing the Iraq war was not PC. Breathe a disparaging word and patriots would ask, “Do you support our troops?”

Of course you did. Everyone did. It was Cheney and Bush we did not support.

When Bush asked Congress for permission to go to war, nearly everyone in both houses voted “Yes!”

Obama was lucky. He wasn’t in Congress.

When asked to defend her vote on the war, Hillary did what most of her congressional colleagues did. She said, “If I knew then what I know now, I would not have voted (for the war resolution).”

Sound a little lame?

It was.

It was like saying, “I was for the war until public support started to wane, then I switched sides. Seemed like a good idea at the time.”

If Obama plunges into Syria, with or without yellow cake and WMDs, who will be waiting? Answer: Just about everyone.

Senior officers run the Syrian national army. Bashar Al-Assad is the bloody dictator credited with killing 103,000 Syrians civilians, men, women, children, old guys, pensioners, women in red hats and Roman Catholic nuns. Iran will become more involved, eventually drawing Israel into the scrap.

The opposition - the rebels we propose to support - leaves the loyalists standing in the gates. There are slews of socialists, a party for every gas station between Damascus and the Kurdistan border. There are fighting groups for every fit and fashion, Arab democrats, Christian militia, Muslim militia, Free Silver Freedom Fighters, and a dozen more.

Consider: Two brothers on a camel ranch 300 miles south of Damascus. Having neither guns nor connections with the White House or Kremlin, They dub themselves “The Coalition of Syrian Food Co-ops.”

The White House has assured us that help for the Syrian rebels won’t include “boots on the ground.”

If Obama wants marines in Syria, hawks in Congress will call for troops to supplement the arms we will be sending. In a short time Republicans will be assuming credit for “our war in Syria.” Start causing the deaths of Syrians in their homeland and the country will leak terrorists. One of them will sweep an airport mall in Athens with an AK-47, a ragtag gang of Syrian irregulars will bomb Israeli nightclubs, embassies and cafes.

What’s next? As always, loss of our troops in a foreign land will prompt us to send more troops to be killed. This tricky maneuver is called a “surge.” It was not new when George W. tried it.

I wrote above that ex-Gov. Brian Schweitzer wants to be senator. On second thought, on second thought, there are several jobs he would rather have, including president of the United States, vice president of the United States (just a heartbeat away from POTUS), another shot at governor of Montana.

Snowden, a 29-year-old computer whiz who has leaked major hot stuff from his perch in the National Security Administration, wants to be James Bond, driving even faster and fancier sports cars than Sean Connery, e.g.


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