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Tester and Medicaid expansion

BOZEMAN, Mont. 5/29/14 - Senator Jon Tester today released the following statement after gathering signatures with volunteers from the Healthy Montana Initiative in support of a ballot initiative to expand Medicaid to 70,000 uninsured Montanans:

"No Montanan should be denied health care because of how much they make. Expanding Medicaid to 70,000 more Montanans will make our state a healthier place to live, strengthen our economy and create jobs. I encourage more folks to support a stronger Montana by signing up in support of this initiative."

Tester today met folks around Bozeman in support of the initiative - known as I-170. Expanding Medicaid would expand healthcare coverage to Montanans who make up to 138 percent of the Federal Poverty Level, which is $16,000 per year for an individual and $27,000 per year for a family of three. I-170 would allow the state of Montana to accept federal funds to expand eligibility.

In 2013, the Montana Legislature blocked Medicaid expansion by a single vote.


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